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Wireless Project

• Pre-Engineering/ Site Engineering:

  • Map Study: to define the radio link and nominal site coordinate.
  • Site Searching and RF Survey: to crosscheck the nominal coordinate to define the feasibilities of nominal coordinate as becomes site candidate. And to the define antenna direction for coverage requirement.
  • Site Survey: detail survey to define the site priority and collect the site information for engineering purpose.
  • LOS Survey and LOS Analysis: to check and make sure the Line of Sign and to define the antenna height proposes.

• Design Engineering:

  • Create floor layout and other drawing need for installation propose.
  • Create site depend Handbook for installation and as built drawing for operational and maintenance propose.


• System Equipment Installation:

  • Base Terminal Station (BTS) equipment installation.
  • Radio and Mini link equipment installation.
  • AC, power system and support equipment.

• System Test, Commissioning and Integration Test:

  • Local Test.
  • System Test.
  • Pre-Commissioning and Commissioning Test.
  • Integration Test.

• canning Frequency:

Transmission Frequency Scanning is performed in order to find out which frequency that will be used is free of interference on the particular site/antenna position. The interference sources might come from other existing microwave signals either belong to other operators or company and/or from any illegal transmitting devices/system operating in the vicinity.

• RF Planning And Survey:

Route planning - primary, secondary and tertiary routes and foot printing of sites to control the site overshoot, cell dragging and interference elimination taking terrain conditions into considerations. Site selection and optimal cell placement based on factors relating to zoning restrictions, regulatory issues, handover status, path balance, RF interference, coverage footprint and capacity management based on RF propagation studies. Plan network capacity improvements based on subscriber forecast, market call models and trending of performance and traffic data then recommending the search area and potential candidate selection.

•  Initial Tuning And Optimization:

Generation of Coverage predictions, using the TEMS investigation ver 7.0 that support 3G (Ericsson) for the drive testing different areas and to analyze the logs using Geographical Information Mobile System 98 to find out the problematic areas in the network and providing solutions for the same.