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Tools And Equipment

Handheld GPS with High Sensitive Receiver

The GPSMAP 60CSx is the new and improved Garmin handheld GPS Receiver. Acquisition times are very fast, even with a cold start, typically less than 30 seconds. For a warm start (when the unit has been on within the last hour) you have a satellite lock, before the warmup pages have even cleared, typically in two seconds. (Although the accuracy begins in the hundreds of feet, but within about ten seconds is down within 12-15 feet.)

Hand-bearing precision compasses

Suunto bearing compasses are designed to combine extreme accuracy with ease and speed of operation. The accuracy is 1/3°, graduation 1/2° and the compass weighs only 115 g. The compasses have been given permanent anti-static treatment. The lens apertures of the Suunto KB-14 and KB-20 types are restricted horizontally by a column, which automatically centers the eye on the optical axis, thus eliminating parallax.

TEMS Investigation

TEMS Investigation is the industry-leading tool for wireless network troubleshooting, verification, optimization, and maintenance of wireless networks. Offering data collection, real-time analysis, and post-processing all in one, TEMS Investigation is a comprehensive solution for all of a network operator’s daily wireless network optimization tasks. This solution eliminates the need for multiple tools, reducing costs and saving time and effort for operations staff.

HILTI Laser Range Meter

Measures distances accurately with a single-button interface. Accurate measuring within 1 mm up to 200 meters. Complete with + / - functions as well as area calculation and it is waterproof.

Busnell® Binoculars

Busnell® is a high definition viewing experience fully multi-coated lenses featuring our Ultra Wide Band technology with BaK-4 porro prisms for bright, clear, crisp viewing.

Sony® Cyber-shot Digital Camera

Capture perfection in every shot with the power of Image. With a Carl Zeiss lens in your Cyber-shot, you’ll enjoy superlative resolution, vivid colors and ultra-low distortion at all zoom settings from wide angle to telephoto.

Pathloss 4.0 Transmission Link Planner

The Pathloss program is a comprehensive path design tool for radio links operating in the frequency range from 30 MHz to 100 GHz. The program is organized into eight path design modules, an area signal coverage module and a network module which integrates the radio paths and area coverage analysis. Switching between modules is accomplished by selecting the module from the menu bar. The functions and features of these modules are described in the web pages below.

MapInfo Professional

The industry`s leading business mapping solution. The maps in 10.0 are simply better looking than ever before. Advanced options include dynamic scale bars, improved performance of analytics such as proportion overlap, and export to layered PDF files for sharing and distribution.

Global Mapper® Experience the Power of Professional Mapping

Global Mapper is more than just a utility, it has built in functionality for distance and area calculations, raster blending, feathering, spectral analysis and contrast adjustment, elevation querying, line of sight calculations, cut-and-fill volume calculations, as well as advanced capabilities like image rectification, contour generation from surface data, view shed analysis (including Fresnel) from surface data, watershed delineation, terrain layer comparison (including differencing), and triangulation and gridding of 3D point data. Repetitive tasks can be accomplished using the built in scripting language or comprehensive batch conversion functionality.